The Advantages of Having Navigation Systems for Cars

Technology has really made life easy. With just a Smartphone or a tablet, you can easily reach your destination even in unfamiliar places. For this reason, cell phone companies have routinely declared that GPS systems are obsolete and will soon disappear from the market. But is this really true? Not entirely.  Dash-mounted GPS systems are still in demand. The navigation systems for cars produces and sells increases every year. But why is this so yet there are many other devices with GPS systems coming up every day. There is one possible answer to this question; the features and benefits offered by navigation systems for cars options surpass those of other systems. This article will show you why car navigation systems provides will never become obsolete.

No power cut or signal loss

You just forgot or misplaced your power cord and your phone suddenly goes off, yet it’s the only thing you had to provide direction for the long journey. This mishap couldn’t have befallen you had you installed a navigation system for your car. It’s unlikely for your dash-mounted navigation system to run out of battery. Also, we are all used to smartphones cutting out in weak signal area. This never happens when it comes to dash-mounted systems. They have strong signals in all geographical areas providing uninterrupted flow of information.

Hand free operations

Putting an address on your smartphone is extremely dangerous and cumbersome while driving. The small screen on the phone requires you to look closely into it. That means you take off your eyes off the road, which may lead you into an accident. If that doesn’t happen, you might get a ticket from the police if you are caught operating your phone while driving. These problems are not possible with a dashboard-mounted GPS system. They have a large, easy-to-use screen which makes it easy for you to feed addresses without interrupting your driving. Also, you don’t have to keep checking directions, as with phones; navigation systems for cars have voice commands. Your hands are kept on the wheel and your eyes on the road with an in-car navigation system. read more

Used or New Car, There is a deal for You.

For a long time cars have been seen as a luxury, and if you owned a car it would be the talk of the town. But times are changing and cars are fast becoming a necessity if not a basic need. More people are into the business now more than ever before, more people are learning to plan for their families as opposed to before.

With such huge developments, more and more cars are slowly finding their ways into people’s budgets. Maybe you want to replace your current car because you have had it for too long or because the parts are no longer easy to get, there are so many new cars you can select from.

You could be a businessman who wants to ease the transport situation of your top staff or you could be one that wants to expand his taxi business. Maybe you are a family person who needs a car to go shopping, travels to the countryside or even takes your children to school. There are a number of new cars that will perfectly suit your business type or your family. These include Ford, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi among others. These cover both luxury and business class that will take your movement to the next level.

For instance, the Ford Ecosport comes in different ranges of five or six-speed. These come either automatic or manual depending on your choice. These five seater wagons also come in different colors such as white, black and silver.

The other cars such as Mitsubishi and Hyundai also come in different ranges and colors. This gives you a wider option when it comes to selection; whether saloon, wagon, or SUV, there is definitely something for you, something new that will fit into your budget.

However, if you feel that the new cars are a dream farfetched for you, there is an option that will make you reach there at a cheaper price. Something though not brand new will still sort out your movement issues. If you are living or running a business in Australia, there is lots of used car dealership that you can work with.

These also range from luxury to business type, coming in all shapes, models, and colors. For as low as $11,000 you get a used vehicle that is still condition and can push you for so many years. These include Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi Chevrolet, Mercedes, and BMW among others. read more